mardi 31 mai 2011

Virgile's Flat Stanley visits Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade class in FL

Virgile's Flat Stanley just arrived back from a 6-month trip to North Fort Myers, Florida where he was guest-of-honor in Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade (CM1) class at the North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts.

The school is located in Southwest Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here he is with the entire class :

Having lunch with Emily, Pam and Candela in the cafeteria...

Going through the lunch line with Theodore to choose what he will eat.

At the library with Jesse. FS chose a mystery novel... "Goosebumps" !

At the Veteran's Day (November 11, 2010) program FS enjoyed the students playing their violins.

Look who FS met ! The Statue of Liberty ! A friend from France ...

Making turkeys with Pam, Jesse and Mrs. Smith's daughter, Carli, who is at college studying to be a teacher.

FS loved making pumpkin pancakes as part of our Thanksgiving celebration...

This is our school Principal, Mr. Moreland. He always wears a funny hat to carve the turkey at our Thanksgiving Luncheon.

Bon voyage, Flat Stanley !

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