mardi 24 décembre 2013

Christmas 2013 in the Batignolles

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas :

Christmas 2013 scenes in the Batignolles...

The Holly and the Ivy

An English tradition at Christmas ...

"The Holly and the Ivy" is an English traditional Christmas carol. Holly and ivy have been a mainstay of English Christmas decoration for church use since at least the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when they were mentioned regularly in churchwardens’ accounts (Roud 2004). Holly and ivy also figure in the lyrics of the "Sans Day Carol". The music and most of the text was first published by Cecil Sharp. Sir Henry Walford Davies wrote a popular choral arrangement that is often performed at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols and by choirs around the world." (Wikipedia)

Listen to the King's College Cambridge 2008 performance of the carol :  

Holly and ivy in the snow in Elmstead Woods.

Here are the lyrics :

The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown.
Oh, the rising of the sun and the running of the deer,
The playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir.
The holly bears a blossom as white as lily flower,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ to be our sweet saviour
The holly bears a berry as red as any blood,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ to do poor sinners good.
The holly bears a prickle as sharp as any thorn,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ on Christmas Day in the morn.
The holly bears a bark as bitter as any gall,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ for to redeem us all.

Merry Christmas, everyone !

mardi 17 décembre 2013

What else does one do at midnight, just a week before Christmas ???

Reindeer sugar cookies, of course !!!!!

Santa's Workshop 2013

The holiday season is just around the corner and this week's workshops are devoted to creating decorations for the Christmas tree or home, as well as greeting cards to give to family or a special friend.

First, we made cupcake decorations ...

And then we created cards....

Next, some holiday singing.....

And a traditional story ...

2013 Holiday baking workshops at English & Creativity

On Wednesday, the kids baked some yummy Muesli cookies with honey and raisins....

and then decorated gingerbread cookies....

The Thursday group baked some Advent Crescents :

And then they danced !

The Friday groups baked chocolate chip peanut cookies... yum !

Elves ready for the Holiday Party :

                            Come taste their creations at the Holiday Party this Friday evening !