vendredi 28 février 2014

Scratch Workshop Day 5 : Video Games

First off, a fun lesson on prepositions, action verbs and video game vocabulary...

Special guests Alexandre and James came to test our mazes...

 Then we tried to create more complicated video games than the mazes of yesterday

a screen shot of Victoria's "Jumping Nellie" game

Some images from Paul and Jade's "Canabalt Remix" game

A break for some 3D Creative fun

Amand programming with Hopscotch ....

Great games ....

Our Scratch Cat drawing contest... Which is your favorite ?

We did some improv interviews 

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jeudi 27 février 2014

Scratch workshop Day 2 : Art Projects

Challenge #1 : Circles and Squares

A Candy Piano with "Makey Makey"...

Cadavres exquis

Next step : Cadavres exquis à la Scratch, or "Remix" :

Scratch Workshop Day 4 : Mazes

Scratch Cat is back for a 4th day of exciting computer fun !

Lunch time.... yum !

End result : some great maze games ....