mardi 31 mai 2011

Joaquin's FS hangs out in Hawaii

Joaquin's Flat Stanley arrived in the Aloha State after a LONG flight from Paris.

He tells us that the weather is terrific (just look at the coconut!)

Weather vane says no wind, sooooooo

it's time to hit the beach !

Coconut palms !

And exotic flowers... Plumeria

"Hula girl" hibiscus



He wasted no time and got right down to business and went... surfing ! What else ??!!

Then he went snorkling on the coral reef

Here he is trying out the diving equipment... a mask

fins !

and then fishing

He took a ride in the Yellow Submarine

Some local music

Hanging out with the locals ... shaka shaka ! (cool Hawaiian greeting)

He found a Hawaiian shirt... a bit too big, but definitely a great color for him !

And when things get hot in HI, there's nothing better than... shave ice !

wow ! Rainbow colors !

Time for a dip in the pool...

Here he is enjoying some local fruits ... Pineapples


Jack fruit !

Coconuts !


Now, for a trip in a catamaran...

Shaka shaka with the beach girls !

and then on a sea canoe

Flat Stanley says "Aloha", or Goodbye/Hello, and see you soon back in Paris (although he'd really like to just stay in HI!)

KidsCook du 28 mai 2011 - Fish 'n Chips and Peach Cobbler

Last Saturday was "Fish & Chips" day at KidsCook.

As always, first the ingredients :

The recipe

Getting down to business with the potatoes !

And speaking of potatoes ...

Here they are, baking in the oven

While the fish filets fry

And the peas blanche ...

Slicing the peaches for the Peach Cobbler

Mixing the batter for the Peach Cobbler

A little lime juice on the peach slices

The melted butter

Pouring the batter on the butter

Ta dah ! Time to eat !!