mardi 31 mai 2011

KidsCook du 14 mai 2011 - Menu 100% Chocolat

Today is a child's dream come true... A meal full of chocolate !

The ingredients ...

The menu. Main course ... Chicken Mole

and the dessert .... Chocolate fruit skewers !

Chopping the tomatoes and oignons

Yum ! Lila brings the fresh cilantro

Campbell and Malo in the kitchen searing the chicken

Iris and Rose wash the romaine lettuce

Malo readies the paprika for the chicken

Chopping the romaine

Enzo chops the red oignon for the Salsa Fresca

Mincing the cilantro

Rose helping with the mole sauce

A close-up of the mole sauce

Adding the chocolate chips

The Spanish rice

Chocolate pasta !!

Enzo preps the avocado for the salsa fresca

Sacha cooks the chocolate pasta

Hungry chefs await their lunch ...

Bruno helps Enzo get all the ingredients into the tortilla

Yum ! Chicken mole, Spanish rice, romaine lettuce and salsa fresca all wrapped together in a flour tortilla

Campbell's scarf adds a little extra flavor to the chicken mole !

Bruno helps Lucy roll her tortilla

Oops ! It all falls out for Sacha !

A little break before attacking dessert... The kids have a ball coloring and writing their names on the giant blackboard

Mmmmm, chocolate fondue and fresh fruit

The girls decorate their fruit skewers with grated cocunut, mini marchmallows and sprinkles

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