mardi 31 mai 2011

Joaquin's FS hangs out in Hawaii

Joaquin's Flat Stanley arrived in the Aloha State after a LONG flight from Paris.

He tells us that the weather is terrific (just look at the coconut!)

Weather vane says no wind, sooooooo

it's time to hit the beach !

Coconut palms !

And exotic flowers... Plumeria

"Hula girl" hibiscus



He wasted no time and got right down to business and went... surfing ! What else ??!!

Then he went snorkling on the coral reef

Here he is trying out the diving equipment... a mask

fins !

and then fishing

He took a ride in the Yellow Submarine

Some local music

Hanging out with the locals ... shaka shaka ! (cool Hawaiian greeting)

He found a Hawaiian shirt... a bit too big, but definitely a great color for him !

And when things get hot in HI, there's nothing better than... shave ice !

wow ! Rainbow colors !

Time for a dip in the pool...

Here he is enjoying some local fruits ... Pineapples


Jack fruit !

Coconuts !


Now, for a trip in a catamaran...

Shaka shaka with the beach girls !

and then on a sea canoe

Flat Stanley says "Aloha", or Goodbye/Hello, and see you soon back in Paris (although he'd really like to just stay in HI!)

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