jeudi 13 juillet 2017

Camp KidsCreate 2017 Day 4 : Art

Today's theme was Art! We began the day by drawing fantastic animals, and then trying different painting techniques. We created negative space using tape ande white oil pastels.

Quentin made a robot from playdough!

We also made fish kites, which each child decorated differently.

Snack time!

We also took the kites to the park . . . 

Flying them was quite fun!

Finally, we played a memory game to exercise our brains!

Thank you for a great week at Camp KidsCreate!

lundi 10 juillet 2017

Camp KidsCreate 2017, Day 3 : Imagination

The focus of today's lesson was imagination. We began by making our own little gnomes, which are fantastic creatures from fairy tales!

Painting their little hats was fun, and a test in agility!

Next we wove yarn in colorful designs. . . 

We needed some help tying knots and connecting the different colors!

The gnomes are so cute!

Each gnome also received a "painted" house.

Finally, we used our imaginations to build using Kapla planks!

Camp KidsCreate 2017, Day 2 : Outer Space

We started off the day by taking a journey to and from space using stickers.

Having explored the human side of space, next the kids made UFOs!

We learned some space vocabulary . . . 

Then the kids set out to make fluffy pom-pom aliens of their own!

The fluff got everywhere, so the vacuum came in handy for clean up...

Quentin made an alien with several eyes!

Finally, the day ended with a bit of a "bang" as we set off balloon rockets in a space-race!


Looks like it was a tight race!

Camp KidsCreate 2017, Day 1 : Road Trip USA

Dancing the Hokey Pokey

You put your right foot in!

You put your head in, and you shake it all about!

The new Statue of Liberty!

What's better than one statue? Many statues!

Now we travel to the desert, only to find... snakes!!!

Couture from Paris straight to the US