mardi 11 septembre 2012

La rentrée KidsCreate 2012-2013 se prépare... Les ateliers reprennent la première semaine d'octobre 2012.

Voici le planning provisoire des ateliers :

Lundi 17h-18h

Mardi 17h-18h                       4/5 ans

Mardi 18h-19h                       7-9 ans

Mercredi 10h30-11h30          3 ans

Mercredi 11h30-12h30         9/10 ans

Jeudi 17h-18h                        4/5 ans

Vendredi 17h-18h                 4-6 ans bilingues

Vendredi 18h-19h                 ados (collège)

Tarifs 2012-2013 :


450 euros TTC pour l’année (environ 30 séances) + 30 euros de frais d’adhésion et de matériel


-10 % pour le deuxième enfant d’une même famille


Les ateliers hebdomadaires durent 1 heure et suivent le calendrier scolaire.
Contactez-nous à  ou 06 99 15 31 45  pour plus de renseignements et une fiche d'inscription.


vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Camp KidsCreate Day 5

Friday was our last day of Camp KidsCreate, and it was full of fun!  The theme for the day was Stories, Nursery Rhymes, and Fairytales.  We started off the day by reading Cinderella and drawing castles where she and Prince Charming might live.  Then we watched a song from Peter Pan, played with magical pixie dust, and colored pictures of knights and princesses.  The next story was The Three Little Pigs.  After hearing the story, we had a snack of straw, wood, and bricks (potato chips, pretzel sticks, and chocolate squares).  We also watched a video of The Three Little Pigs and learned the song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf."  Our last story before lunch was The Princess and the Pea.  We each colored a princess and stuck her at the top of a huge pile of paper mattresses with a little pea at the bottom.  For lunch we made our own pizzas, which was both delicious and fun!  After lunch we continued our fairytale-themed day by putting together puzzles and making magic wands and magic swords.  Next we listened to the story of Hansel and Gretel and made our own version of candy-covered gingerbread houses for a snack.  After washing off the remnants of our sweet snack, we ventured outside to play at the park.  We even practiced climbing up the slippery walls of a "castle" and sliding back down!  When we came back inside, we finished the day by reading The Rainbow Fish and going fishing for the glitter-covered fish we had made the day before.  It was a great end to a fun-filled week!