samedi 18 octobre 2014

Halloween 2014 - The Party

Good times had by all ....

Bobbing for apples ... A classic !

Thanks for a great evening !

vendredi 17 octobre 2014

Halloween Party 2014

                                  This is the face of Halloween 2014 at English and Creativity...

History of Jack O' Lanterns

Calling all KidsCreate Ghouls and Boooos

to join in the festive mischief tonight 


You know the address....

We dare you to come disguised !

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Halloween at English and Creativity

Boo !  At English and Creativity we cannot wait for Halloween ! 
Here the 4-5 year olds are already dressed up ...
Trick or Treat !!

Jack o'lantern 

Some of our favorite Halloween stories ...

Our mascot, Eddy, hanging out with Brunhilda the Witch

                                             Pumpkin Pie-flavored Pop Tarts, anyone ??

                                                      Baba Yaga sitting on a pumpkin...

A fun lesson on body parts. It was cool to trace each other's outline on the blackboard :

How many legs does a spider have ?

8 !

or 9 ???


                                            The Bilinguals playing Halloween bean bag toss :

                                                            Listening to a ghost story ...

Baking spider cookies ...

And here are the Bilinguals' top picks for scary stories ...

Some titles on the KidsCreate Halloween playlist :


Wiches’ Brew

Songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monster Mash

dimanche 12 octobre 2014

The debut of our Bilingual Class !

Our intimate group of bilingual 2nd-4th Graders got off to a great start last Tuesday.
After creating cool "All about me" collages, and writing a short paragraph about ourselves and what we like, we each took turns getting up in front of the class and introducing ourselves.

Phonics (the short "a"short and the alphabet in English) and grammar (the sentence) lessons followed.

To end the day's lesson, we took turns reading the first book in The Magic Tree House series : Dinosaurs after Dark.
We cannot wait to see what Jack and Annie will be up to next !

This week is Halloween at English & Creativity, sooooo watch out for witches and vampires in the neighborhood !