lundi 11 juin 2012

KidsCook June 2, 2012 - Omurice

Our last KidsCook session took us to Japan, home to Omurice, a contemporary fusion dish that combines "omelette" and "rice." To complete our scrumptious meal, we also enjoyed some edamame beans, lychees and tapioca pudding.

Here's a recap of our efforts:

Putting the finishing touches on our illustrated recipe

Cracking (so many) eggs for our omelette

Cutting up green onions: divide and conquer...

Making our shrimp a little more bite-size

And now, time for stir-fry!

Meanwhile, a little tapioca spill leads to a group cleanup effort...

Starting with our appetizer: edamame beans

The finished product, in all its glory

And finally, some sweets to top off the meal

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