mercredi 27 juin 2012

KidsCook June 16, 2012 - Chicken Pot Pie

After dabbling in Japanese cuisine during our last session, our KidsCook group returned to the comforts of the classic American dish of Chicken Pot Pie. We devoured our warm, buttery pies, and then balanced out the savory goodness with some fun, delicious chocolate fondue.

A sampling of our ingredients

And for dessert, plenty of options for
chocolate fondue

Cutting up some celery and onions for our filling

Stirring the chicken broth as others look on eagerly

Look at all those neatly chopped vegetables!

Delicately carving out crusts for our individual pies

And now, we sautée the onions

Stirring this deep pot of chicken and
vegetables is a formidable task!

The filling is in the Ramekin, and it's
almost ready for baking...

The finishing touches

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