lundi 18 juin 2012

Father's Day #1 - Monday KidsCreate

Last week our kids showed off their creativity while practicing their English, as we worked on some awesome Father's Day crafts and wrote cheerful greetings. Most importantly, we had a chance to express our gratitude to the greatest men in our lives.

First up was our Monday group. We rejuvenated leftover jar tops by turning them into mosaic paperweights filled with plaster of Paris, and proceeded to make an accompanying folded shirt card.

Selecting "treasures" for our mosaic

And now, a selection of works-in-progress and finished products alike:

Perhaps contemplating the right pieces
to complete the paperweight?

No gift is complete without a lovely card, and these folded shirt cards--the result of some careful origami and colorful decorations--certainly seem to meet that criteria.

Want to explore more of our Father's Day crafts? Stay tuned for the rest of our blogging series on last week's projects, featuring the Tuesday group, Wednesday group, older bilinguals, younger bilinguals, and preteens.

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