jeudi 21 juin 2012

Father's Day #6 - Preteens and the iDad

The joy of Father's Day crafts continued with our Friday preteen group, but with a twist. Our final craft took us to uncharted territory as we combined gift and card in the iDad, a play on the Apple iPad. As our technology-loving preteens eagerly cut out their desired icons and assembled their iDad, we shared our favorite games and collective love for Apple. Then, underneath each icon, we carved out flaps to write our Father's Day messages.

Here's each of our preteens showing off what they made:

Virtually indistinguishable from the original

Another great iDad,
certain to satisfy the recipient

Personalized, decorated and ready for delivery!

With our interns

Joining in on the fun with a slight deviation: multi-sized icons! Is there a possibility Apple might adopt this in the future? Only time will tell...

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