jeudi 21 juin 2012

Father's Day #4 - Older Bilinguals

Before starting on their Father's Day crafts, our older bilinguals had a little time to engage in a couple rounds of board games. It was a chance for everyone to show off their verbal prowess.

First up: Scrabble!

Mixing it up with some Bananagrams

After a few satisfying rounds, we returned to work on our crafts. Once again, we created mosaic paperweights, with everyone writing personalized messages on their tiles. Here's a sampling of some finished products:

We then moved onto our next project: the folded shirt card. Yet another chance for us all to sharpen our origami skills!

Want to explore more of our Father's Day crafts? Check out our blog posts featuring the Monday groupTuesday group, and Wednesday group, and stay tuned to hear about our projects with the younger bilinguals and preteens!

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