lundi 18 juin 2012

Father's Day #2 - Tuesday KidsCreate

Our Tuesday KidsCreate group likewise had the opportunity to participate in the joys of crafting our personalized mosaic paperweights.

Here are our kids hard at work:

An assortment of treasures:
which shall we choose?

Placed in the plaster, and ready for drying!

Learning some basic greetings
in the meantime...

We decided to mix it up with our card craft, however, choosing instead to create a pop-up regal crown card--fit for the man who is the king in our lives.

But first, we played around with some crowns: everyone just can't wait to be king!

After that brief diversion, we returned to work on our cards, as we decorated our crowns with sequins and carefully tried to figure out how to make our cards "pop-up."

What a great finished product!

Want to explore more of our Father's Day crafts? Stay tuned for the rest of our blogging series on last week's projects, featuring the Monday group, Wednesday group, older bilinguals, younger bilinguals, and preteens.

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