jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Flat Sally de Paramus, NJ avec Charlotte à Paris

At the end of November, Charlotte competed in the Paris Chess Tournament and thanks to Flat Sally's cheerleading, she finished 6th in the "mini poussins" (6-8 years) category.

After such a terrific performance, a mug of hot chocolate is well-deserved !

The girls also went to the Phénix Circus to see acrobats from around the world.

and to the Pinder Circus...

and then to the Quai Branly Museum that houses an impressive collection of objects from Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

To find out more about this museum :

and the Eiffel Tower is just nearby ...

Another great visit was the National Museum of Natural History

For more info :

A favorite exhibit there is the Grande Galérie de l'Evolution ...

And a stroll through our neighborhood (the 17th arrondissement) after the first snowfall of the season ...

Rue des Batignolles, across from Town Hall :

The Sainte Marie des Batignolles Church :

and a charming residential courtyard just off rue des Moines and rue Legendre...

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