jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Camp KidsCreate Day 4

On Thursday we spent a chilly day at the beach!  We started off the day by reading about a snail and a whale who helped each other and by singing "Baby Beluga."  Next we listened to the ocean inside of large sea shells, and some of us tried to hear it inside of a starfish too.  For our first craft we made handprints in clay and decorated them with sand and sparkles.  Then we moved outside to play with real sand.  Everyone had a great time trying to build sandcastles, although we were not very successful. After a short stop at the playground, we came back inside to have octopus, shells and seaweed (hot dogs, eggs, and pasta) for lunch.  We found that a snail had accompanied us back from the park, so we let it play with a whale, just like in the story.  We also drew pictures of the snail and the whale together, and then decorated fish so that we can go fishing on Friday.  After decorating crazy sunglasses for our day at the beach, we had a creative snack that looked like fish swimming in the ocean!  Finally we decorated castles with markers and sand and headed back outside to soak up a little bit of sun.  Even though it was cold, we had a fun-filled beach day!

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