mercredi 11 juillet 2012

Camp KidsCreate Day 3

On Wednesday we took a trip around the world!  In the morning we read a story about Charlie from London and learned the song "London Bridge."  Then we drew airplanes, flags, and the world.  After a  snack, we all got our own color by number books and colored in pictures of kids from around the world.  For lunch we traveled to Mexico for burritos, which were delicious!  After a short trip to the park, we traveled back to London to play London Bridge, to play, War with London playing cards, and to have high tea.  We also all made necklaces and bracelets with charms of girls from different countries.  At the end of the day we went outside to play Hot Potato and Soccer with a beach ball globe.  Even though it rained on our way back home, it was another great day!

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