dimanche 5 juin 2011

KidsCook goes to Zimbabwe June 4, 2011

In preparation for today's special KidsCook session, I went with my interns to the Château Rouge market to pick up supplies. We saw some exotic foods and drinks, and women dressed in traditional garb selling unusual vegetables.

Osa gets crazy...

Tanya, our master chef !

A map of Africa to localize Zimbabwe, and the names of the dishes we will prepare...

The ingredients ...

Some African animals...

Of course there are tigers in Africa !! Princeton tigers, that is !

Shucking the peanuts...

Nicolas, Valentine and Sacha season the chicken before roasting it ...

Sarah whisks the chicken off to the oven ...

Nicolas measures out the rice

They say holding a piece of bread in your outh while you slice onions will keep you from crying. So Tanya tries it ...

As does Nicolas...

Sasha measures out the dried hibiscus flowers for the special drink

Hibiscus flowers before the boiling and infusing

More onions

Salomé presents the head of cabbage

Tanya and Valentine rinsing the eggplant leaves

and then the cabbage leaves

Sacha and Valentine are doubly effective

Salomé helps make the peanut butter

Adding the oil to the peanuts

Zapping the peanuts in the food processor to make peanut butter

Tanya minces the eggplant leaves

Sacha mixes the peanut butter into the rice

Salomé takes a go at it too

Subliminal message ...

Peeling mangos for dessert

Tanya brings out her Mbira and enchants us with a song

But first the kids get to touch and try to play this traditional instrument

The video of Tanya performing on the mbira :

Then we all made bracelets and necklaces with "wax" fabric and African beads

Anybody thirsty for some Top ??

Tanya shows us how to form rice balls with which to eat our meal (we are actually allowed to eat with our hands, kids !)

Ta-dah ! The finished products...

Victoria gives it a try

Finger-lickin' good says Nicolas

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