mardi 19 avril 2011

Tony Cragg et l'Angleterre

Today we discovered the work of English sculptor Tony Cragg. His earlier sculptures used recycled pieces of colored plastic to depict objects and even people.

Here is his self-portrait :

First step, sketches to prepare our own self-portrait sculptures

Next, we drew our self-portrait sketches on a canvas

Now we separate the plastic objects according to color as Cragg did in his work "New Stones - Newton's Tones", 1978

Then, everyone picks the objects that best "represent" them

Next, we glue the objects onto the canvas

A group effort...

great teamwork !

Time to prepare lunch. A menu that's 100% British : Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Carrots and Potatoes and Banoffee Pie.

Slicing carrots and grating chocolate...

Peeling carrots

Peeling potatoes

Making the Yorkshire Pudding batter. First, the egg ...

then the flour...

then the milk

Time to whisk

and more whisking...

Prep the pie crust

Salomé slices the bananas for the Banoffee Pie

the bananas before the "blitz"

Malo ready to purée the bananas and milk

the toffee in the pan

after adding the banana-milk purée

whipping the cream for the pie...

the pie is ready to chill in the freezer...

While the Banoffee Pie chills, it's time to create another sculpture, this time inspired by Cragg's latest works, on exhibit now at the Louvre ("Figure Out, Figure In"). Here are some of the works:

"Sharing" 2005 (in foreground) and "Ferryman", 2001 (in background)

"Versus" 2010

"Elbow", 2008

"Accurate Figure", 2010

"Manipulation", 2008

the roast beef ...

the mini Yorkshire puddings...

lunchtime !

The Banoffee Pie is ready !

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