mercredi 13 avril 2011

Piet Mondrian et les Pays-Bas

Discovering Piet Mondrian from Holland.

Some of his works that we saw this morning ...

Drawing geometric shapes on the windows. Our version of Mondrian's stained glass windows...

Trying our hand at grids and "compositions" in red, blue and yellow

Time to start baking the Dutch Apple Pie. Sacha chops the butter with Alexandre, while Victoria, Salomé and Valentine peel apples.

A zest of lemon from Malo

Louise and Rose peel more apples !

Joaquin and Jessica crack the eggs ...

More apples !

Joaquin beats the eggs

Joaquin packs the brown sugar with Alexandre while Sacha pours in the eggs

Still more apples !

Mixing the pie crust dough... sticky business !

Malo adds the sultanas

Joaquin adds the allspice

and the corn starch

Rose mixes the apple filling

Louise and Alexandre press in the pie crust...

Rolling out the dough strips to decorate the top of the pie

Busy hands !

Malo's vegetable head

Louise chopping vegetables for the Dutch Split Pea Soup

Rose chops the leek

Sacha's vegetable head

Our version of Mr Potato Head

Transparent versions of the grid, using colored tape

Compositions on red paper

The pea soup being blended ...

The meat

Lunchtime... yum !

The apple pie hot out of the oven !

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