mercredi 13 avril 2011

Odilon Redon et Bordeaux

A morning of discovering Odilon Redon and Symbolism. At first, a black and white universe of strange beings and objects - smiling spiders, flowers and plants with human heads, floating eyes, bodiless heads, skeletons with human heads... Like being in a bizarre dream.

We did scratch drawings to replicate this dream atmosphere (white drawings on a black background)

And now the opposite : black drawings on a white background

Collage expressions of dream scenes...

And finally, like Redon....

we moved to color... drawing with pastels gras and adding touches of gold to create icon-like images

And now the cooking begins. A 100% Bordelaise menu. First, the cannelés (what else ??!)

Then the preparation of the "véritable tourin girondin". LOTS of garlic, onions and scallots ... and lots of teary eyes !

Pork chops, which will be served "à la bordelaise"

Storytime with Alexandre...

The Tourin Girondin

And the cannelés...

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