jeudi 29 juin 2017

Teen "Art & Sciences" Camp, Day 4 : Walker Evans at Centre Pompidou

The girls following intern Emilie to the metro.

They found an interesting advertisement on climate change!

And they enjoyed posing at the Centre Pompidou . . .

They enjoyed looking at the life size photograph of Walker Evans' living room.

And the most famous photographs of all . . .

Walker Evans' portraits of Ellie Mae Burroughs and other Alabama Tenant Farmers:

Walker Evans liked to photograph shopfronts and everday textures from streets.

The exhibit itself had an engaging display full of textures. 

Evans also liked to take pictures of passerby caught unawares.

The expo leaves the reader with a good lesson to remember.

After the expo, the girls had a photo and acting activity. They picked an expression or action that another would pose, and then they would photograph each other performing it.

Finally, from the pictures they took of each other, they selected one of themselves which we changed into black and white and printed out. 

The final product!

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