mardi 27 juin 2017

6th Grade London Trip June 2017

On the Eurostar, bright and early

London Bridge, sights and sounds

A great way to start the day... being scared by zombies at the London Bridge and Tombs Experience!

not for the faint of heart!

Looking for clues on our "Bankside Treasure Trail" murder mystery ...

2 coping stones from the original stone version of  London Bridge 

                                                          Lunch at Borough Market (fish&chips, paella, curry... yum!)

                                                  Back on the Trail searching for clues

                                        Outside the Anchor Brewery, down by the Thames

                                                    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Tate Modern, interactive exhibit

"Babel" by Cildo Meireles

"Untitled" by Ruldolf Stingel

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