samedi 13 juillet 2013

Camp KidsCreate Day 5 : World Travel

Morning Circle Time : songs and yoga

Read books about travel to foreign lands

Origami : bats and fortune-tellers

Snack : Mexican nacho chips and salsa

Make your own suitcase and personalize it with travel stickers

Lunchtime : picnic at the park

Afternoon Circle Time : songs and yoga

Suitcase workshop for afternoon group

Draw pictures of what you would pack in your suitcase

Reading time for morning group

Color your Las Vegas suitcase

Sing Travel songs (she'll be coming 'round the mountain, london bridge, row your boat)

Video : "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego ?"

Snack From India : Naans, Mango Chutney and Raita

smell spices from India

and Chocolate cake !

Clean up....

Games from around the world : Othello, "Simon Says" and travel game

Good-bye Circle Time: songs, yoga and Camp Certificate

The Camp KidsCreate Song and Cheer :

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