mardi 9 juillet 2013

Camp KidsCreate Day 2: Cool Sports

Welcome Circle Time

Make mini-pennants "Go team !'

Song : "Take me out to the ball game"

Watch baseball video

Make you own sports jersey

Simulation of a sports injury : Temi and Joe were playing soccer...

Temi fell and broke her arm...

                                                                  Ouch ! That hurts !

                                                        What will the sports doctor do ?

Put a cast on her arm ! (ours is made of papier mâché !)

                                                                 Snack : cracker jacks !

Bizarre olympics : hula hoops, badminton, velcro catch, soccer, jumping rope

Picnic lunch


circle time, songs and yoga

"Air Bud" film

Indoor Basketball

Snack : ice pops and pretzels

Bocce at the park


Water fight !

Back to Camp KC HQ

Name all the sports you can think of

Sports charades - act out your fav sport

Play "Chicken" !

Horsing around ...

Group Dance : Gagnam Style

Watch unusual sports videos

Good-bye Circle Time : Songs and yoga

                                                              "Row your boat"


"Downward dog"

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