mercredi 5 juin 2013

Abu Dhabi with Kamel the camel

This week our dolls share their adventures with a camel named Kamel in Abu Dhabi ...

Kamel the Camel

Once upon a time there was a camel named Kamel. He lived in the desert for a long time all by himself. He liked to roll down the sand dunes for fun but he was still really lonely. Then one day he met a little boy named Abu who was visiting the desert with his brother and sister. Abu decided to take Kamel on an adventure to show Kamel what life was like outside of the desert. They go to the city of Abu Dhabi and the first thing they see is a skyscraper that reaches the clouds. Kamel is very curious about this skyscraper and rides to the top in an elevator. It was really hot on this day so Abu decided to take Kamel to his favorite oasis. The oasis was very cool because the palm trees gave them lots of shade but the water was not big enough to share. So Kamel, Abu and his brother and sister went to the ocean where there was more water. He really wanted to go waterskiing with his new friends but he was too big to wear skis.  Instead he watched his friends play in the waves.  When they got out of the water, Kamel wanted to show his new friends his desert home.   They walked across the sand and saw a tent.  A group of men came out and took a picture with Kamel and Abu before helping the children find their way home.  Kamel watched the sun set over the dunes and was very happy about his day.

ABU DHABI Lesson Plan

Keywords : desert, dune, camel/dromedary, palm tree, mirage, oasis, sea, water ski, wave, water, beach, boat, skyscrapers, arabic

Background : show and draw flag for Abu Dhabi 

Craft :  camel template -> write some keywords on it , watercolor it and glue on sand (salt, glitter)

Story : show photos and tell what the dolls did with the kids

Song/Video : music from Abu Dhabi

Experience : taste hommous & pita chips

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