mercredi 29 mai 2013

Chile : Life in the City

Our dolls in Santiago, Chile...

Lastarria is a very famous steet, and the dolls saw some stores, restaurants, and a little fair where people sells antiquesThere is also the Museum of Contemporary Art

Museo des Bellas Artes
The dolls entered the museum and saw the expositions of famous artists from all around the world.


Cerro Santa Lucia
    The dolls visited a little hill in the center of Santiago, the capital citycalled Santa Lucia. The dolls saw a castlefountains, and in the top of the hill they saw views of all the city

Parque Forestal

At lastthe dolls went to play with some kids to Parque Forestal. This is a big park with areas like this one where families come to play during the weekendsThere the dolls saw a puppet function and some clowns!

Our students tried their hand at constructing their own city...

Some of our keywords : Street, restaurant, car, bus, traffic, store, park, skyscraper, subway, crowd

Fun links from our lesson :

“In the City” by the Eagles

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