lundi 8 juin 2015

Day for Haïti 2015

To help raise money for Destiny Village orphanage in Pierre Payen, Haïti, a great group of kids spent last Saturday afternoon discovering Haïtian art and music.  

We read the Haitian fairytale

To learn more about this story, connect to :

Then we read Rainbow Fish

and made our own fish

Next we traced Brian's outline on a huge piece of paper...

... and turned him into a giant mermaid (the Queen of the fish!) that we painted green, of course !

finding our mermaid's hair

getting tangled up !

Nivanthi and her mermaid twin...

After a great creative session we had a Goûter Festif ...

... starring the amazingly yummy Haitian cake baked by Nivanthi ...

and heavenly nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. Here's the recipe :

Next we had a Grande Braderie to sell all kinds of great stuff...

Here's the super creative (notice the handmade pineapples !) donation box....

 and here are my awesome Princeton-in-France summer interns who helped make this event possible

Thanks to everybody for coming out and making this day such a success !!

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