lundi 13 octobre 2014

Halloween at English and Creativity

Boo !  At English and Creativity we cannot wait for Halloween ! 
Here the 4-5 year olds are already dressed up ...
Trick or Treat !!

Jack o'lantern 

Some of our favorite Halloween stories ...

Our mascot, Eddy, hanging out with Brunhilda the Witch

                                             Pumpkin Pie-flavored Pop Tarts, anyone ??

                                                      Baba Yaga sitting on a pumpkin...

A fun lesson on body parts. It was cool to trace each other's outline on the blackboard :

How many legs does a spider have ?

8 !

or 9 ???


                                            The Bilinguals playing Halloween bean bag toss :

                                                            Listening to a ghost story ...

Baking spider cookies ...

And here are the Bilinguals' top picks for scary stories ...

Some titles on the KidsCreate Halloween playlist :


Wiches’ Brew

Songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monster Mash

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