lundi 16 juin 2014

Art for Haïti workshop

On Sunday we had an amazing time learning about Haiti and raising funds for the children of Destiny Village in Pierre Payen, Haïti. 
We started our party off by coloring Tap Tap buses, a regular mode of transportation in Haiti. Tap Tap buses get
 their name from the tap tap sound that they make as they drive down the dirt roads. After coloring, we indulged 
in Haitian spread that included: plantain chips, avocado, black beans and rice, pineapple, peanut butter on brioche, and mango sorbet for dessert. We also had coconut milk, mango, guava, and passion fruit 
juices as drink options.

After finishing our yummy snack, we began painting the beautiful Moringa Tree and shared the following story with the students:

Once upon a time there was a tree with lovely green leaves that could grow anywhere in the world, even in very hot, dry and windy climates. It didn't need much water either. People learned that if they ate its leaves, they would grow healthy and strong. Birds and butterflies were drawn to its branches and loved to rest there. Wild animals sought comfort in its shade, and fruits and vegetables grew plentifully near its roots. This is the story of the magical, life-giving Moringa Tree.

Here are some of the Haitian songs we listened to :

Coupe Cloue, “Myan, Myan” (A good video w/art, people, places) :

Orchestre Tropicana d'Haiti Randevou Chanpet :

Needless to say, our time painting the tree was just as magical as the tree itself and we were very pleased with the result. To close, we filled and decorated jars with sparkly sand and sequined beautiful butterflies.
It was a great day! 

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