jeudi 22 mai 2014

An Elvis Impersonator Contest in Memphis!

We're gradually wending our way back East and are spending two whole weeks in Tennessee. First up: Memphis, home of Elivis Presley. We really enjoyed taking a tour of Graceland, Elvis's famous Tennessee home and seeing his old pianos, guitars, and costumes:

We were so inspired by the music that we learned about all kinds of instruments: guitars, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and more.

But by far the best part of Memphis was our very own Elvis Impersonator contest. Scroll through the pictures below to see which one you think is most like The King!

We listened to several Elvis songs while we were dancing for inspiration. Our favorite was "Jailhouse Rock":

We really like the music in Tennessee, so we're stopping again in Nashville next week to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame!

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