dimanche 6 avril 2014

I Left My Heart in San Francisco...

California, here we are! We were really excited to arrive in San Francisco, with it's famous hills, charming cable cars, and of course the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Here are some the sights we saw:

For a guide book, we consulted Miroslav Sasek's beautifully illustrated San Francisco, which we all read together. We were especially impressed by the pictures of the zoo and of San Fran's iconic Chinatown.

Drawing the Golden Gate Bridge

Another thing we were looking forward to in San Francisco was the food. There are so many excellent restaurants there and such a wide diversity of cuisines. To prepare ourselves to read the menus, we learned a bunch of food words: chicken, fish, strawberry, bread, cheese, tea, coffee, cake, cookies, chips, and more!

On Wednesday we wrote little skits centered around food. Here we are looking at all the foods:

A skit about a family going grocery shopping together:

A skit in which a customer orders a hamburger with all the toppings:

Thursday's class unwittingly wore matching outfits for our San Francisco tour. They send their love though!

After we learned some food words, we made drawings of our favorite foods. Here we are on Friday trying to decide what we like to eat the most:

Next week we leave the foggy shores of Northern California and head down to Hollywood. See you in the Hills!

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