lundi 10 mars 2014

Sweet Home Chicago

We continued our journey west this week with a stop in Chicago, Illinois. We looked through a guidebook to decide what we wanted to see, and we were most impressed with all of Chicago's famous skyscrapers, like the Willis Tower. We started with a river tour of the city to see them up close and personal:

After looking at the skyscrapers, we learned how to describe them: tall, taller, tallest and high, higher, highest. These are examples of comparative and superlative adjectives. We learned how to make comparative and superlative adjectives for many words, such as big, small, loud, etc. Some adjectives are irregular and extra tricky, like good, better, and best. In some classes, we compared our nights to see who was taller than whom:

We found the skyscrapers so inspiring that we tried to build some of our own:

Next week we're heading to South Dakota to see some more famous architecture: Mount Rushmore!

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