vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Pop Art !

Yesterday we held a special Pop Art workshop

After watching an intro to Pop Art :

and an intro to Andy Warhol :

we created our own  portraits à la Warhol...

We listened to some music related to Warhol while we created :

David Bowie, "Andy Warhol" :
The Beatles, "Baby You're a Rich Man":
Velvet Underground, "I’m Waiting for the Man" :

Next we watched a clip about Roy Lichtenstein :

And listened to "Music for Roy Lichtenstein"

while we made ben-day dot portraits à la Lichtenstein :

After a lunch break, we went and visited the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at Centre Pompidou

After a well-earned snack we returned to KidsCreate headquarters and made collages or "combines" à la Robert Rauschenberg

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