lundi 3 octobre 2011

1er atelier KidsCook de 2011-2012

Hello everybody and welcome to KidsCook 2011-2012 !

This Saturday, we made Kids Kebabs and enjoyed eating them with buttered egg noodles and a lovely mixed salad.

As always, here are the ingredients, pre-workshop :

Here's the main recipe (thanks, Family Fun !). Click on the image to enlarge it.

Here's the blackboard version of the recipe (thanks, Philip !)

First off, the kids get introduced to the main ingredients and verbs of the day via a coloring page.

Then they get busy chopping...

Stirring and marinating ...

And skewering...

And then, at the very end, we set the table and sit down together to enjoy our lunch !

Yum !

See you on October 22 for the next KidsCook session !

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